1. Do you need my voice part?

    All voice parts are welcome to audition.

2. Do I have to be a trained singer? 

    Although you are not required to have had formal voice lessons, all members are expected to be able to sing on pitch, in accurate rhythm, and to have some sight singing ability. 

3. What musical experience should I have?

    Previous choral experience is not necessary, but very helpful. 

4. When and where are the auditions?

    For audition information, please email info@astoriachoir.org and visit our Audition page

5. How do I schedule an audition?

    For audition information, please email info@astoriachoir.org and visit our Audition page

6. What will I have to do at the audition?

    Relax! There is no need to be nervous or to prepare anything in advance. The audition consists of vocalizing and a little guided sight-reading.  This is to determine your sight-reading ability and the quality and range of your voice. 

7. What is The Astoria Choir singing this season?

     When the season schedule is set, it will be posted on our home page

8. What are the membership dues?

    Dues are $120.00 for the season and are due no later than October.  Visit our Dues page

9. What are the current Membership/Attendance Policies?

     Our success as an organization is dependent upon a passionate and committed membership!  Members are expected to be in attendance at all regular rehearsals, dress rehearsals, and performances.  Life is unpredictable, and so there are the obvious exceptions for illness, life events, and professional conflicts, but members may be asked not to perform if they miss more than one rehearsal leading up to a concert.  Members with excessive absences may be asked to leave the choir, and any dues paid will not be returned.  Absences should be communicated to the appropriate Section Leader and Artistic Director in advance whenever possible.  The full calendar for the season is available on our Member Calendar Page. 

10. When and where are rehearsals, and what can I expect?    

    Rehearsals are held Monday evenings, September through May, from 7:00 PM to 9:00 PM. Rehearsals will be held at Trinity Lutheran Church on 31st Ave and 37th St in Astoria .  During concert weeks, other daytime or evening rehearsals will be scheduled.  Visit our Member Calendar page

    Our rehearsals are devoted mainly to ensemble-building and interpreting musical expression. You will also be coached in diction and vocal technique at rehearsals.  Singers are expected to learn the notes by themselves to the best of their abilities. Of course, we go over the notes of very difficult or tricky passages.  

11. How do I obtain the music?

    Music will be supplied at rehearsal.


12. What do we wear at concerts?

    Members are welcome to dress according to how they prefer/identify along the following guidelines:  

Black dress, Black skirt (must be knee-length or longer) or black slacks; black sleeved blouse (no velvet or shiny material like satin), short sleeves permitted, shoulders must be covered; black or nude stockings; black shoes. 

OR  Black or dark suit, white shirt, black shoes, black socks, dark tie. (similar jacket & slacks combo, OK) 

    All Singers: No flashy jewelry; no perfume or cologne.